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Providing in-depth genealogical research
and forensic analysis in the western U.S.


Provenance Genealogy performs several services:

  • family history research

  • document retrieval

  • lineage society applications (DAR, SAR, that kind of thing…)

  • research plan assistance/coaching for amateurs who need a little guidance

  • eventually: lectures/presentations

  • I’m thinking about a forensic genealogy sub-specialty, but that will take more time

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Provenance Genealogy
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3300 NW 185th Ave, Suite 351
Beaverton, Oregon, 97006

Kristin Parks, genealogist
Tel: 503-860-4449
Fax: 503-860-4449

Provenance Genealogy, founded by Kristin Parks, is based in Beaverton, Oregon and provides special genealogical research in covering the western states including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana. Praesent velit ipsum, elementum sit amet purus eu, eleifend rhoncus lectus. Nam dapibus, dui id sodales ultrices, velit leo scelerisque enim, et sollicitudin neque velit eu ipsum. Pellentesque sed diam cursus, pharetra purus in, tincidunt justo. Maecenas non ex elit.
Families, ancestors, lost trails still lead somewhere. Undertaking research to discover the past, to discover the truth, to reveal the story behind the story. From the old west to modern era, the tools, techniques, and skills of the genealogical research now include forensics, DNA analysis, archival databases, photographic analysis, and plain old digging through dusty corners looking for the pieces that make the puzzle complete. Vivamus at nisl diam. Nullam pharetra metus ut sodales ultricies. Curabitur ultricies magna ut lorem posuere, vel tincidunt erat sagittis. Phasellus vitae elit massa. Curabitur sed lectus rhoncus, euismod risus in, finibus metus. Pellentesque posuere, massa eget maximus feugiat, ex dui fermentum augue, non accumsan dolor arcu non dui. Donec sed blandit augue, laoreet tempor enim.
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